Zongtian Industrial Co., Ltd. is an advanced professional dust-proof enterprise with first-class scale in China. At present, the company's products mainly include: industrial occupational protective mask series, medical protective mask series, civil PM2.5 protective mask series and daily chemical cleaning products, etc., and European ceen149:2001 + A1:2009 medical protection standards and system certification. The company has the national industrial product production license, safety mark of special labor protection articles, medical device production license and medical device product registration license. The civil protection products have passed the group standard "PM2.5 protective mask" taj1001-2015 and the national standard "daily protective mask" GB / t32610-2016 certification.

The company is equipped with testing center, R & D center and e-commerce center to develop and produce two series of products of more than dozens of models and specifications, i.e. daily chemical washing and respiratory protection, to meet the needs of different groups of people. In addition to having a high reputation and reputation, our company also has a mask manufacturer of ethylene oxide sterilization equipment.

Through years of efforts, the company has been recognized by all companies in the society. Since 2020, it has been awarded the national emergency material reserve unit. The company has also been recommended by the national industry association.

Today's Zongtian is different, tomorrow's Zongtian is even more different, we are willing to bring clean and healthy to people, and we are also willing to seek common development and stride forward with partners on the way full of sunshine!

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About "creating value for partners"

We believe that customers, suppliers, company shareholders, company employees and other units and individuals who have cooperative relations with themselves are their own partners, and only through efforts to create value for partners, can they reflect their own value and achieve development and success.

On "honesty, tolerance, innovation and service"

We believe that honesty is the basis of all cooperation, tolerance is the premise to solve problems, innovation is the weapon to develop the cause, and service is the basis to create value.