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Working principle of automatic welding machine

2021-11-30 11:58:24 admin 0

Working principle of automatic welding machine

Composition of automatic welding equipment:

The automatic welding machine is composed of mechanical device, power supply device and control device. In order to meet the requirements of welding process, the pressurizing mechanism (welding tongs) adopts a double stroke fast pneumatic transmission mechanism. The opening degree of welding tongs can be changed by switching the stroke control handle, which can be divided into large opening and small opening to meet the requirements of welding operation. The normal state is the short stroke opening of the welding clamp. When the control button is switched to the "power on" position, the handle switch is buckled, the welding clamp is clamped and pressurized, and the current returns to the short stroke opening state after completing a welding cycle under the control of the control system. Terminal welding machine

The main power circuit of the automatic welding machine is composed of resistance welding transformer, thyristor unit, main power switch, welding circuit, etc. Due to the co production of various models, the welding tongs need to weld high-strength steel plates and low-carbon steel sheets, and the gun arm of the welding tongs needs to transmit large mechanical force and welding current. Therefore, the strength, stiffness and heating of the welding tongs must meet certain requirements, and have good conductivity and thermal conductivity. At the same time, the welding tongs are required to be cooled by water, Therefore, a new type of welding tongs with electrode arm capable of withstanding 400kg pressure is selected. Terminal welding machine

Working principle of automatic welding equipment:

1. The cantilever structure is adopted, and the two cantilever beams are annealed and stress relieved after welding to ensure that the beam will not deform for a long time;

2. The pneumatic piano key compression structure is closely arranged along both sides of the straight seam to ensure that the butt weld is evenly compressed within the whole welding length; The distance between the left and right keys and fingers can be adjusted to adapt to the welding of different workpieces; Terminal welding machine

3. Air bag type or air cylinder type can be adopted according to the thickness and size of the workpiece to ensure sufficient pressing force and prevent thermal deformation during welding; Terminal welding machine

4. The welding mandrel is inlaid with copper mould to provide weld back gas protection; Different welding process grooves are processed according to the cylinder or flat workpiece to achieve single-sided welding and double-sided forming;

5. The distance between the welding mandrel and the piano key pressing finger is adjustable, which can meet the welding requirements of different workpieces; Terminal welding machine

6. The welding gun is driven by DC servo motor and driven by gear rack. The track surface is grinded to ensure stable walking and stable and reliable welding;

7. All gas pipes and cables shall be placed in the drag chain, with neat and beautiful appearance, and cable disconnection shall be avoided.